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Lose your logo in your presentation template, now!

I am still astonished by the slide decks I see that have the company logo on every slide. 😳 As if the audience has the memory of a goldfish 🐠and needs to be reminded of where they are and who they are listening to every 5 seconds. Even more so, in internal company presentations! As if the team doesn’t know where they work. 😶‍🌫️

It is enough to start and end with your company name and logo, even in external presentations.

Logos are designed to attract attention by default. So all you add on a slide is another arrow 🔝leading the audience‘s attention away from your content!

Instead: fill the white space only with essential information you need to bring across. Nothing more! #celebratethewhitespace

And in case you do not know how to take it out, in professional templates the logo is usually in the slide master, so in ppt go to view>slide master then go to the very first one on your preview list and delete the logo from that first slide.

Phew, now your slide can breathe!! And this leaves more room for your content to pop!

Happy presenting!

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