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How to bring more depth into your presentation with a quick tweak… 🛠️

I love when I can use high resolution photos in my presentation, that really suck you in on a big screen into the landscape or the emotion that it represents. But with a simple tweak you can draw in the audience even more:

Let the picture grow! 💗 Try it! It really sucks you into the picture.

But be careful with the animations, you don’t want to overdo it. ⚡️ (This GIF would probably be too hectic! 🤣)

In PowerPoint click on the photo 📸 you want to animate, go to animation and select “grow/shrink” from the emphasize section. Then show the animation pane and adjust the animation as follows:

- Click on the size option and use something between 110% and 125%

- Activate “smooth start”

- Activate “smooth end”

- Below, select start “with previous” (so you do not have to click-start the animation) and

- In Duration select let’s say 20 seconds, to really make it slow!

Now test it by changing to the presentation mode in full screen. Wait a little bit, it is supposed to be very subtle!

See how this draws you in? Now imagine you tell your story at this point, presenting to your audience. An easy tweak to hold your audiences visual attention!

Happy presenting!

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