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Become a digital nomad they said! You gonna love it they said!

First day of my workation. 📅

After picking up the camper from the station yesterday I made my way to Ostende, Belgium last night in heavy rain. I parked on the sideline of a highway, just by the beach. Ok, not the best spot, as my bed shook whenever a car drove by, but the morning walk together with my well-being officer Lykke and a coffee by the beach was supposed to make up for it.

Well, beach, seegulls, a towing line (long leash) and a hunting dog don’t go well together. At least not for my hand or rather my fingers.

So first day, first stop on my way to San Sebastián, I guess I broke my finger. ☝🏻⛑️🏥🚑🤕 hence, instead of on the beach, I had my first cup of coffee in the emergency waiting room of the Hospital in Ostende.

The well-being officer and I need to have a serious talk about what she believes her core responsibilities are in this company, where she aspires to advance to and whether HSE also falls within her responsibilities! 🤣

Happy Easter! 🐣

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