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A new study on data storytelling is out!

These are some of the key take-aways:

👍🏻 Data storytelling has seen a remarkable 233% growth.

👍🏻 93% agree data storytelling drives revenue-increasing decisions.

👍🏻 49% feel their organizations lack storytelling skills, regardless of employees' data literacy.

Data-driven stories can boost audience engagement by up to 300%.

👍🏻 71% of executives prioritize data storytelling skills for reporting to the C-suite or key stakeholders.

👍🏻 92% agree data storytelling is effective for data and analytics communication.

👍🏻 87% agree clearer data presentation leads to more data-driven decisions by leadership.

It is likely, that you need to urgently look into bringing data storytelling into your organization! We are here to support you!

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