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"Why are you on #TikTok?...

... Are you checking out the latest dance moves?" 🕺🏽💃🏽

... a friend of mine had asked me some time ago when I admitted my addiction. 💉🤪

Now TikTok might not be the latest sh*t out there anymore... But actually, that is why I appreciate it, because the content starts to become more profound. Not only, can we find tips and tricks on the latest ai-applications but I find various exciting PowerPoint designers who teach amazing design skills. And that, in a very easy-to-consume format. Check out these TikTok accounts for great PPT design ideas:

👉🏻 The PowerPoint Guy

👉🏻 Tony PowerPoint

👉🏻 Slidenest

Warning ⚡️: only use animation in your PPT, when it looks like theirs‼️

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