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People are scared to do things differently.

A question that I get frequently is how to sum up the courage and present a data story so differently to all the slides you see each day. How to be bold and take most text off the slides and tell a story with appealing visuals. The fear not to be taken seriously is real.

These are some thoughts, how to get there. Mind you, it is a journey and not everyone will like your new presenting style at once. But:

🔹 Growth awaits those who dare to step beyond their comfort zones. Presenting in a different format can be intimidating, but the rewards are worth it. 💪🚀

🔹 Preparation, practice, and seeking guidance are key. Thorough research, rehearsals, and connecting with experienced mentors help build confidence and refine presentation skills. 📚🌟

🔹 Starting small and gradually embracing complexity is the path to success. Presenting to a supportive audience will help to celebrate data storytelling and create momentum. 🌱📈

🔹 Feedback is powerful. Constructive criticism shapes your approach, while acknowledging achievements fuels motivation to excel. 🔁🎉

🌟 Stepping outside comfort zones isn't easy, but the growth that comes from overcoming timidity in presenting a data story is invaluable. Embrace challenges, embrace growth, and watch your skills soar! ✨🚀

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