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Must read: Brent Dykes‘ „effective data storytelling“, of course!

Fantastic read!!

Great summary on how we react to facts versus stories:

Facts 🗒

1. we mainly scrutinize facts we don‘t like😠

2. we may fight conflicting facts like a physical threat🥷

3. our brains bend or break facts to support our existing biases 🤕

4. corrective facts can potentially strengthen our misinformed position (#backfireeffect) 🔥

5. when facts are visualized, it is harder for us to reject them 📊


Stories 👄

1. stories engage more of our brain 🧠

2. stories form a unique connection between Storyteller and listener ⚡️

3. stories increase our attention and empathy 🥰

4. stories make us less skeptical and more open to change ⏰

5. stories enhance our comprehension 🤓

Happy presenting!

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