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Information overload is impacting us more than we know.

There is a data tsunami rolling towards us. 🌊 Most of it, we do not see, as it mainly happens in the virtual room, but we can feel it:

- There is the endless conversation that is taking up way too much room in our calendars and the participants won’t seem to want to come to the point. Frustrating! 😫

- There is a certain uneasiness due to the increased incoming stimuli from all our devices that leaves us at the end of the day with a headache and first signs of tinnitus. 🤯

- And there is our own insecurity on whether or not we want to go with option A or option B: We will need more information on the problem before making a decision. 🤔

📚 Did you know that Gutenberg published less than 200 books when he invented the print? And today, 400.000 books are published every day!

📩 Did you know that approx. 320 billion emails are sent out every day and around 45% of it is spam?

🤖 And with digitization by means of IoT, machine learning, robotics etc. more and more data are rolling towards us, ready to drown us.

Organizations still believe that more information result in better informed decision making. But that is not true. Actually, excessive information load decreases the quality of the decisions. Worse. It delays the decision and as we all know: time is money!

The mass of noise forces the human brain to shut down. 🧠 Then, it takes even more aggressiveness to pass the threshold of perception of the recipient – even for relevant information. 🌪

So, we need to calm the storm and implement better filters. Passing big data through algorithms to only enter our human world when smart (and cleansed!), seems a good first step. Abandon email systems and enter the world of collaboration systems another. Training your staff to communicate only useful data insights to drive decisions another major one.

Let’s continue the fight against poor PowerPoint presentations!

What is your number one source of information overload?

Happy presenting!

(Picture source: Adobe Stock)

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