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How to build a captivating data presentation.... it's easy!

📍Start with the setting, the status quo. Give some background info to your audience.

🦸🏽‍♂️Introduce your protagonists: who is this story about? This can also be things like a KPI etc.

🎬Enter: DRAMA! Show the issues that your protagonist is facing... And as Mark Twain said: "Don’t say the old lady screamed, bring her on and let her scream!" Graphs can show this drama very effectively!

All of the above should explain the WHY. Why is the protagonist in the situation they are in?

💡This leads up to the big idea, the aha-moment, the need to change! It is the WHAT - what has to be done?

🤔Finally, the conflict resolves into the solution. This is where you show your audience, the HOW - how can the problem be solved? Place your call-to-action here!

There you go! A captivating data story! 🥳

Send us your experiences with your data stories! We would love to hear them.

Happy presenting!

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