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Dear Community, 🌟

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

I am thrilled to announce that our podcast "Chefin ruft an" will be launching live on March 1st, 2023! 🎉 Along with my co-hosts Christin Kohnke and Dr. Verena Klapdor, we will be discussing exciting topics surrounding careers, leadership, and the working lives of women in the rush hour of the executive suite. 💼💪

We aim to have inspiring and encouraging conversations that support women in achieving their career goals and developing their leadership skills. 👥 And for us, humor and an authentic voice are particularly important!

In our pilot episode, we introduce ourselves and explain why we decided to start this podcast. In the upcoming episodes, we will cover topics such as female leadership, ChatGPT, women's quotas, beauty ideals in careers, and many other exciting themes. 💬

We hope that our podcast will inspire you as much as it does us and we look forward to an inspiring exchange with you! 🤩

The "Chefin ruft an" podcast will be available on applepodcast and spotify.

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