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Create pilot safety with Data Storytelling

The recent shut down of all airports in the USA highlights the inefficiencies of the current NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) system used worldwide. Despite being a crucial source of information for pilots, the counter-intuitive format and lack of standardization often leads to confusion and miscommunication. Scrolling through the list of NOTAMs for Amsterdam Schipol airport with 150 items only, makes the problem apparent. (see video)

But what if instead of relying on the NOTAM system, we could use data storytelling (or at least data visualization) to effectively communicate crucial information to pilots? By visualizing complex data and making it accessible and understandable, pilots would have a clear and accurate understanding of potential hazards and restrictions.

It's time to modernize the way we inform pilots and prioritize their safety. Investing in data literacy and utilizing data storytelling could revolutionize the aviation industry and prevent future shutdowns.

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